About us.

Our objective is to enable everybody in an urban area to have access to wireless Internet for free. To do this, we incentivize businesses to offer free Wi-Fi at their location by providing the equipment for free and the Internet at very low cost. How do we afford this?

  1. We involve business improvement areas (BIAs). BIAs work with us because they are non profit organizations whose mission is to promote tourism, awareness, and economic activity in certain commercial neighbourhoods. By working with us to reduce each business’s cost of offering Internet, they are achieving that mission. Plus, we offer BIAs valuable data analytics as another incentive.
  2. We advertise via each access point. The revenue we pull in from advertising allows us to offer businesses cheaper Internet.

Consumers, get ready to say goodbye to ridiculous cellular data charges. The Internet is the best long-distance communication tool, and we believe that everybody deserves access to it.