Whether you’re a BIA or an advertiser, we can help you develop customer insights and improve efficiency.

We can help you get your entire BIA covered with free Wi-Fi, at very low cost to the businesses that are part of the BIA. We can also provide your BIA with valuable data-backed insights on customer habits and trends, which can help you more effectively market your BIA.

Learn about connection durations, number of daily connections, number of new connections, which locations are most popular, and how strong each device’s signal strength is.

If you’re an advertiser, we can help you showcase your products and services to hundreds of thousands of diverse viewers every year. We can also provide you useful data, including the number of people who have viewed your ad, the frequency of ad views at different times of the week or month, and the ratio between clicks and impressions.

You also have the option of implementing a number of powerful features.*

  • Require users to submit certain pieces of information about themselves, such as age, gender, or even email.
  • Ask users to rate your ad based on how much they liked it.
  • Offer users virtual coupons or promotional codes.
*These features available from certain access points only.